Parlor Palm Care Guide

Parlor Palm Care Guide

Parlor Palm Care

If you own a Parlor Palm, you probably wonder how to properly care for it. The answer is simple: keep it watered. Parlor Palms grow best in partial sunlight, but they can tolerate low light as well. In addition, Parlor Palms will grow faster when exposed to bright indirect light. If you live in a dry climate, artificial grow lights may help your palm survive indoors. However, you should never cut off the green fronds, as this robs the palm of nutrients.

The best Parlor Palm care involves potting it in a medium with a high moisture content. Make sure that the soil is not too heavy, since it will lead to palm rot and may even kill the plant. A peat-based potting mix is ideal, but you can use straight potting soil if it has good drainage. Parlor Palms also like to grow in the shade. However, this doesn't mean you should abandon the use of a soil amendment if you are unable to find one that works well.

Parlor Palms do best in soil that has a high amount of peat. While this type of soil is not the most suitable for indoor plants, it does tolerate some salt-based conditions. Also, it's prone to overwatering. Parlor Palms do well in slightly dry soil. If you notice that the fronds on your palm are turning yellow, it's time to add more water. So, don't wait until the fronds turn brown before watering them.

As Parlor palms are tropical, it's important to properly water them. Watering them too much or too little will cause the roots to rot. On the other hand, overwatering can lead to wilting and death. Therefore, water your parlor palm when the soil is 50% dry, and wait until the surface has dried out at least 2.5cm. If you can't find a soil with adequate drainage, you can plant it in a smaller pot.

While Parlor Palms require little light and moderate humidity, they need to be repotted annually. They also tend to grow slowly, and it may take two or more years for the mature plant to reach three feet. However, buying a parlor plant will cut down the waiting time by several years. It is also a good choice for a houseplant because it won't crowd out other plants. If you want a lush green plant, try to choose a container that is at least two feet tall.

When watering the parlor palm, make sure to keep the moisture in the plant constant. It should receive water once every three weeks during the growing season. Watering the plant too often can lead to root rot. If this happens, you can move it to a different location. When you do, be sure to remove the excess water. If necessary, you can use a watering canister containing a tray of pebbles.